Monday, April 18, 2005


Guess what, I'm in Krakow!!! Maria and I had an eight-hour layover on our way to Prague and we got to spend it in Krakow! It's SUCH a beautiful city! (Actually we've only seen about ten blocks of it, but still!) We went to the church with the icon of Our Lady of Czezstochova (however you spell that!) and they were having adoration in that chapel, too. It's the first time I've been to adoration in forever. (It's weird, you know, now my first reaction entering a church is to bow and cross myself three times like the easterns do and to pull out my Jesus Prayer beads instead of my rosary!) There's just so much COLOR in this city and SO many people (Lviv has that too, and ever more so as it gets nicer outside) and really cool stuff for sale on the street - paintings and handmade shoes and bags and stuff - more than just a million fruit/veggie stands like there are in Lviv - I don't want to sound harsh to Lviv, but this is the closest to the West I've been in four months and I can tell I've been missing it! I was just googly over the really cool shoes they have out (anybody heard of Diesel brand shoes? really funky) and there's this big square in front of the church we went to adoration in, reminded me of the square in Milan with all the pigeons. There was this little girl with down syndrome wearing a cute pink jacket, holding a plastic cup full of birdseed and surrounded by pigeons. Maria went over and played with her, shared her seeds, and I took a lot of pictures of it. Then I finally found an ATM that was working so I got some Polish money (zloti?) and we went to McDonald's cuz we were really thirsty and wanted a bathroom - you don't have to pay if you can flash a receipt. Now we're in the internet cafe. We don't have to be back to the train until close to 11:00 tonight. We're due in to Prague around 7:00 am. We have a three-bed room this time, closer quarters than my trip to Kiev, and we have a nice older man on a business trip with us.

But I don't feel so concerned with trying not to look like a tourist here, and a lot of people in the stores actually know English. Makes me wonder how long I'm going to be able to hang out in Ukraine once I remember what else is out there in the world!


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