Monday, April 18, 2005

Retreat II

So we had our second retreat this past weekend, back at that Basilian convent that we were at a few weeks ago, the one I thought was like heaven :). We went with a different group of people, younger, mostly, and a couple add-ins that aren't part of the mission program. It was a very different feel. Still about the Jesus Prayer, still led by the same guy. Still the same wonderful building, with good water, and an even more beautiful outside b/c spring has been progressing rapidly and the forest floor, which had been muddy and bland a few weeks ago, was now covered with a blanket of little white flowers. It looked like grass with flakes of a spring snow covering it - it was magical, like Lothlorien or something.

This time Roman had some comments for me - about making sure I"m not giving too much weight to my feelings in prayer. He read a part from the Way of the Pilgrim book that says don't worry about what you are thinking dont worry about what you are doing just do the prayer and the prayer will do the work for you. I think I got a little into the whole "is anything happening to me?" retreat pitfall, but by late morning on Sunday I was happy and happy to just see things more realistically.


Blogger Midwesterner J&G said...

MB-- how fun, you must be having a great time!! I miss central Europe and travelling outside the US...maybe after G and I get done w/ the Midwest we will head on overseas for a little while. In the meantime, many blessings and prayers!

8:31 AM  
Blogger tere said...

Hey MB... we have shared good moments in the US, now I see you are having great times far off the east side of the world... well bud, here I am in Chile.. still knowing that no matter the time and the distance, we'll remain there, together.

1:01 AM  

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